IFANCA is pleased to announce that Suzann Denise Audi, MSc Food Science & Industry, has joined the IFANCA staff. Suzann comes to IFANCA from Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, where she received her BS and MSc in food science with an emphasis on food chemistry and toxicology. Suzann graduated with high honors and received a number of awards at Kansas State. She brings with her experience in food analysis, quality control and teaching as well as enthusiasm and a desire to contribute to the growth of halal.

Suzann, with a master’s degree from one of the prestigious universities, adds further technical strength to IFANCA‚Äôs halal research team.

IFANCA is proud to claim eight professionals with PhD degrees in food science and another six researchers and auditors with master’s degrees.

Suzann will be responsible for research on ingredients for halal compliance. Please join us in welcoming Suzann to IFANCA.