CHICAGO, Illinois (May 22, 2010) — The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA®) and Med-Diet Laboratories, Inc., a specialty food distribution company, are co-sponsoring a halal education session on May 22nd at 10:00AM at the prestigious National Restaurant Association 2010 Show. IFANCA will also organize a display booth, #1255W, to offer consultations to the attendees at the NRA Show for the entire duration.

The education session, entitled Reach Over 9 Million Muslim-Americans Searching for Halal Meals, is designed to raise awareness in the American hospitality industry as to how it can better serve halal consumers. Speakers will share information about the potential of the American Halal Market. The session has been designed to demystify the concept of halal food and to educate food development, production, marketing, distribution and service professionals.

The NRA halal education panel will include Dr. Muhammad Munir Chaudry, president of IFANCA and leading expert on halal food ingredients. Dr. Chaudry will outline key requirements for halal food service. The panel will also include Mr. Don Tymchuck, president of Med-Diet Laboratories, Inc., who will discuss the distribution channels for pre-cooked halal food items, meals, and raw materials. Celebrity Chef Mr. Mahmood Yousaf will share his halal culinary experience with attendees. Chef Yousaf has several years of experience in managing large halal kitchens in cafeteria’s, hotels, and award-winning restaurants. Ms. Maggie Mendoza from Sheraton Hotels & Towers will offer insights into serving halal food in the mainstream hospitality industry. As catering sales manager for weddings and large social events, Ms. Mendoza will present key tips on how to meet halal needs at conferences, weddings, and banquets.

IFANCA is exhibiting its halal education services during the NRA show. Its food technology team at booth 1255W will share specific halal technical information and how-to manuals towards creating separate halal sections in food service kitchens.



Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA), is one of the world’s largest and well respected not-for-profit halal-certification agencies. Featured in various media such as the Wall Street Journal, Prepared Foods, and CNN, IFANCA has been promoting halal for the past 28 years. IFANCA was recognized in the Best Halal Related Service Provider Award by the Halal Journal at World Halal Forum 2007. IFANCA certified halal products are sold in nearly every country of the world and cover all food industry categories.

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