IFANCA has moved its Industry Services offices from 5901 N. Cicero, Chicago IL to 777 Busse Highway, Park Ridge, IL. The new location will be called “Halal Research Center (HRC).” The HRC will work closely with the industry for halal certification and carry out research to understand marketing trends.

The head office will remain at the Cicero location to focus on communications and community services. All dealings with the companies, including ingredient and product review, supervision and certification, inspection of facilities, new applications, as well as the accounts department and all other company-related activities, will be conducted at the HRC.

This move would further facilitate dealing with clients since its main focus is the industry services. IFANCA staff will see to it that the halal needs of its clients are met in a timely, expeditious manner. The new center will also provide logistical support to IFANCA offices and affiliates in other countries.

The HRC’s address, phone, and fax number are as follows:
777 Busse Hwy.
Park Ridge, IL 60068-2470
Tel No.: +1-847-993-0034
Fax No.: +1-847-993-0038