This week, ArKay Beverages launched a Non-Alcoholic Whiskey product. They claim to have received IFANCA’s halal certification. This claim is completely untrue. ArKay Beverages did submit an application for review but were not issued a halal certificate because they refused to make the required product changes to meet IFANCA’s halal certification standards. Instead, ArKay Beverages went ahead with a product launch without an IFANCA halal certificate.

This announcement is to warn all halal consumers, retailers and distributors. As with any company making halal claims, it is every person’s right to ask ArKay Beverages to produce their halal certificate. Companies that cannot produce an authentic halal certificate cannot claim to have halal certification. Meanwhile, IFANCA is looking into legal recourse against ArKay Beverages’ false halal claim. Halal consumers, as well as others, can email their questions to