Please be advised that IFANCA has not certified any products marketed by Green Health Botanical Products Co. Ltd. Hunan Province, CHINA.

The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) has been reputably serving the global Muslim community since 1982.

Occasionally some unscrupulous people try to mislead the Halal consumers by fraudulently altering Halal certificates. Various fake certificates and misuse of the IFANCA logos have been discovered from time to time. We thank all the Halal consumers (Muslim and non-Muslim) who help in identifying those frauds. Those cheaters do not realize that sooner or later they will be caught. Halal consumers are very active and concerned about consuming authentic halal products and they are vigilant in verifying the status of the products and certificates.

Recently, a consumer from Malaysia sent an email to verify the originality of an IFANCA halal certificate. After proper investigation, it was determined that the halal certificate in question was originally issued to a different client in China. That authentic certificate was scanned and then an unknown company’s name was typed on the certificate. IFANCA has not certified Green Health Botanical Products Co. Ltd. located at:

Any claim by Green Health Botanical Products Co. Ltd. that are certified by IFANCA is false.