IFANCA’s 15th International Halal Food Conference was a great success. Speakers, industry representatives and community members gathered in Rosemont, Illinois, on April 6-8 to discuss issues relevant to halal production. The conference featured speakers from Belgium, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the USA and from government bodies, industry, academia and IFANCA discussing a variety of topics of interest to food processors and consumers. The topics ranged from a review of the growth of the halal market to halal management systems, food safety, security, animal welfare and export considerations. Success stories were told by industry representatives that implemented halal production under IFANCA guidance and newcomers were eager to listen and learn about the opportunities that lie ahead.

A community banquet of more than 250 guests allowed the industry representatives to enjoy some authentic halal food, listen to a touching keynote address by Mr. William (Bill) Kurtis, and interact with halal consumers. Both the industry representatives and the consumers had a good time learning what products are demanded and how easy it is to produce them. During the banquet, awards were handed out, including lifetime achievement awards to Dr. Ahmad Sakr, Dr. Mohammed Sadek and Mr.Allan Hamoud. Other awards included IFANCA employee of the year, company of the year to Cargill Inc., and awards to the 12 conference sponsors.

A memorandum of understanding was signed between the Saudi Chamber of Commerce (SCOC) and IFANCA with Dr. Al Khatrawi signing for SCOC and Dr. Muhammad M. Chaudry signing for IFANCA.

At the close, attendees congratulated IFANCA for a successful conference and looked forward to next year.