Realizing the growing importance of halal certification in the Pacific Rim countries, IFANCA International, with the blessing and urging of the Islamic development department Malaysia (JAKIM), decided to establish the IFANCA SEA office in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia.

IFANCA has been fortunate to get the services of Hj. Abdullah Fahim, who was the director and chairman of Malaysia’s halal program for more than a decade. In Hj. Fahim, IFANCA found a person of vast experience, possessing expertise in matters related to Islamic jurisprudence as well as halal certification. He is well known in the Southeast Asian countries. He assumed the position of director of IFANCA SEA in 2002 after having retired from government service earlier. He has been able to contribute significantly towards further enhancing IFANCA’s role and presence in the Pacific Rim countries.

IFANCA SEA has become a well-known name, and its halal certification program is much sought after. It is an important component of IFANCA International, which has been involved in halal certification globally with representatives in several countries. The flagship of this organization is the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America, having its headquarters in Chicago, USA. The IFANCA SEA region will be responsible for the supervision of products produced in nearby countries and shipped to Malaysia. It is important to note that companies manufacturing products within Malaysia for domestic consumption as well as export MUST get their halal certification from the Malaysian government department JAKIM.