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 Job Details

Community Programs Associate 2/17/2022 2:19:33 PM
Job Description

​Assist in developing, managing and maintaining the activities of Sabeel Center, and other projects


The responsibilities include but are not limited to: 
1. Assist in managing and maintaining the current activities of Sabeel Center such as: 
   a.  Gallery Displays on Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H.), 
   b. Lecture Series and Movies on Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H.), 
   c. Library, 
   d. Programs for seniors, 
   e. Halal training programs in the test kitchen, 
2. Assist in developing the business plan for utilizing the Sabeel Center's facilities and once approved, implement the programs
3. Develop marketing strategies for the center
4. Develop membership database strategy
5. Improve and develop policy and procedures for the use of the center
6. Work with internal and external resources to accomplish the objectives
7. Assist the Department Directors in the programs of ACCE and other projects


• Research information from multiple sources and identify, collect, and organize data for decision making
• Adapt to changing business needs, conditions, and work responsibilities; and work with a variety of situations, individuals, and groups
• Prioritize tasks by importance and deadlines and adjust priorities as situations change
• Strong interpersonal skills and relationship building required
• Requires exceptional verbal and written communication and outstanding presentation skills
• Proficient in MS Office applications and ability to utilize other software programs as needed
• Demonstrate professionalism, confidentiality, and teamwork

Additional Information

• Requires a bachelors degree
• Six months to one year of similar work experience

Job Type: Full Time
Pay: $40,000 - $45000 per annum

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