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 Halal Consumer Magazine is a publication of the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA). Halal  Consumer educates halal consumers on food products, ingredients, nutritional products, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and  other consumables. You will find enlightening articles that cover various halal topics as well as news  on halal certified  companies and upcoming event – a trusted resource for the halal consumer.

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 2014 Issues
Issue 28 - Spring 2014

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Editor’s Note

From the Publisher’s Desk

Get Your Freekeh On!

Got Umami?

Probing Probiotics

Pregnancy and Diabetes

Health and Halal? There’s An App For That

Olives and Olive Oil: Fad or Fab?

Do You Always Know WhatYou’re Eating?

Spotlight on Cabot Creamery Cooperative

Homemade Yogurt

Kibbeh Batata (Lebanese Mashed Potatoes with Bulgur)

Umami Bomb Burger

Vegetable Freekeh Pilaf

Childhood Hunger: From Dirt Paths to School Hallways

Make Room for a Fresh Spring

Halal-Certified Product Locator

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 2013 Issues
Issue 27 - Winter 2013

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Editor’s Note

From the Publisher’s Desk

- H2O Remixed

Aromatic Endeavor

Happiness In A Bowl

Keep Moving This Winter

Lighten Up: Eating Well This Winter

Warming Up With Winter Crafts

Not Like Mama Used To Make:
  Vegetarians and Vegans Redefine "Comfort Food"

To Serve With Love: Halal Desserts

The "Cold War"



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Issue 26 - Fall 2013

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- Editor’s Note

- From the Publisher’s Desk

- Creative and Attractive Snacks 

- Preparing Children With Special Dietary Needs for School

- Changing Eating Habits 

- Modesty — A Challenge for Teenage Muslim Girls 

- Lunchtime Bliss 

- Parental Tips

- Healthy Snacks

- School, Snacking, and Success

- Egg Sandwich

- Simmering Special Soup

- Chicken Soup & Sandwich

- Meat Loaf

- Banana Date Bread

- Sloppy Joe

- Chocolate Cheese Truffles

- IFANCA Halal Certified Retail Products Available in the US Market 

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Issue 25 - Summer 2013

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Editor’s Note

From the Publisher’s Desk

Food Choices in the Land of Abundance

Junk Food - One's Junk Food can be Another's Lifeline

Healthy Dessert - Fact or Myth?

Moderation is the Key

Simply the Best: Halal and Wholesome

Fasting Your Way to Better Health

- Explore the History of Halal Consumer Magazine

Veggielicious Delicious

Halal United: An Integrated Approach

Low Calorie Bread Pudding Carrot Desserts

Grilled Veggies

Pan Grilled Chicken Burger

Vegetable Pizza

Strawberry and Feta Salad

Water: The Source of Life

Sports & Energy Drinks: Should You Believe the Hype

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