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Ottawa Urging Canadian Food Producers To Explore Global

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Alhamdulillah was-salatu was-salaamu 'ala rasoolillah. All thanks and praise is to ALLAH, Subhanahu wa ta'ala, and we ask that HIS blessings and peace be upon HIS Messenger, Muhammad, salla ALLAHu alaihi wa sallam. end of article
Halal Happenings
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Halal Happenings

Ignore the Halal Market at Your Own Risk... Ottawa Urging Canadian Food Producers To Explore Global Halal Market

Montreal: A growing appetite for halal products around the globe has prompted the Canadian government to encourage businesses to taste the market for these foods. Canada has so far failed to make much of an impression in the international market for products that meet Islamic dietary laws - also known as halal.

Yet Ottawa estimates the halal industry to be worth between US$500 billion and $2 trillion worldwide. Now government trade experts and industry insiders alike are warning Canadian businesses they can ill afford to ignore the demographic trends and increasing demand for halal products.

"We think there is an opportunity and what we're trying to do is educate some of our companies," James Hannah, a senior international market officer with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada said while adding there is some catching up to do. "It's a question of just trying to work along and try and get our act together at Agri-Food Canada."

Canada accounted for only $996 million of the $53 billion in global food exports to the 19 major halal markets in 2006. Some fear the country's food producers risk being squeezed out of an increasingly crowded market.

Many businesses that have shifted toward halal-certified production processes have noticed the results. Quebec-based Ecolait Ltd., for example, has become one of North America's leading veal producers since it began producing halal meat in 2001. Its annual sales now exceed $200 million, with 60 per cent of sales coming from outside Canada.

With around eight million Muslims in the United States and close to one million in Canada, markets closer to home can be appealing to newcomers to the business of supplying halal foods.

Ultimately, halal foods are just part of an industry that includes everything from tourism to cosmetics. end of article

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From The IFANCA Mail Bag

Inquiry regarding cloning... Letter: Assalaamu alaikum Sr. Naazish, I got a copy of the IFANCA magazine (Winter 2007) and what a terrific job! That is some really excellent work! Great job! May ALLAH reward you for your dedication and hard work!
Khalid Mozzafar, IL

IFANCA Response: Thank you Khalid. end of article

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IFANCA Halal Certified Company News

Oleoforfait S.A, And Its Rafael Salgado Brand Of Oils, Now Halal Certified By IFANCA... Blue Mountain Halal Flavors Expand Offerings, Broaden Appeal To International Customers

To be permissible for consumption by Muslims, natural and artificial flavors must be halal-certified or plant-based and Blue Mountain Flavors, an international flavor development company specializing in 100 plus authentic meat and meat-like flavors, certainly saw the value in getting halal-certified by IFANCA.

The prospect of reaching over 1.4 billion new customers worldwide was a major catalyst behind Blue Mountain Flavors' product line expansion and halal certification was key to expansion overseas and nationally.

"We see great potential in growing our business in Muslim countries in the Middle East, but also in the Philippines and Malaysia, where 80 percent of the population eats halal. There are also a number of American food companies producing products for overseas markets that are interested in halal-certified flavors," said Bill Baugher, Ph.D, President of Blue Mountain Flavors.

According to Blue Mountain Flavors, "In the flavor business there’s really only one ultimate measure of success. The flavor itself." Their IFANCA halal-certified flavors are used in dressings, sauces, toasted products, microwavable and institutional foods to name a few uses. Propylene glycol is a solvent of choice for their flavorings instead of ethyl alcohol.


Citri-Fi® Offers Halal All- Natural Functional Food Ingredient

Citri-Fi is a novel, all-natural functional food ingredient made from citrus pulp that is specially suited for adding moistness, controlling moisture migration, improving yields, replacing fat, and reducing the cost of a wide variety of food products. Nine Citri-Fi products currently carry the IFANCA halal-certification symbol. Citri-Fi's water holding capabilities are truly remarkable as it not only holds water; it binds it and does not release it over time - even through freeze-thaw conditions. The superior water-binding functionality of Citri-Fi makes it a fat replacer that maintains taste and texture. With over 70 tested food applications, Citri-Fi is an essential ingredient for food manufacturers to use to enhance the quality and healthiness of their finished food products. Popular applications include: bakery, dairy, dressings and sauces, frozen foods, meat, and prepared salads. Citri-Fi is GRAS, non-GMO, all-natural, non-allergenic and halal.

The following products are halal and bear the IFANCA Crescent M halal symbol:

  1. Citri-Fi 100
  2. Citri-Fi 200
  3. Citri-Fi 300
  4. Citri-Fi 100FG
  5. Citri-Fi 200FG
  6. Citri-Fi 300FG
  7. Citri-Fi 100M40
  8. Citri-Fi 200M40
  9. Citri-Fi 300M40
end of article

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Test Your Food IQ

Malaysia International Halal Showcase & World Halal Forum... In The Produce Section: Guess The Food

1) A cliché of 70's nouvelle cuisine this 'berry' originated in China over 700 years ago and was used as a childhood tonic. A rampant climber, when cut it releases actinic and bromic acids that can curdle milk and tenderize meat. On the culinary side, it took an inventive marketing mom to really make it famous in the U.S. It produces 100 lbs. of fruit on one vine and is available year-round. It has resilient skin and can last 3-4 weeks in your refrigerator or 6 months in cold, humid storage. Even after 6 months, it retains 90% of its Vitamin C. It needs room temperature to really ripen. It gets sweeter and mushier as it ripens, despite losing some vitamin content. Scoop, peel, slice, chunk, juice, or just bite in. It has ten times more Vitamin C than lemons and lots of potassium. One oval berry can have as many as 1400 seeds, containing essential fatty acids.

2) It is the strongest member of the cabbage family being able to withstand frost and snow, making it a staple winter vegetable, especially in rural areas. Originally cultivated in the Mediterranean region, it was an important crop in Roman times and a staple food of the peasants during the middle ages. Like broccoli or spring greens it has no heart. Its leaves do not form a head; they grow freely in a wavy, curled, or toothed form. It blooms in a rainbow of colors ranging from reddish brown to bluish green, pink, white, and purple. It must be cooked to be digested. Sometimes it is used in landscaping. It can be braised, steamed, grilled, boiled, or stir-fried. Vinegar or lemon juice will help keep its color during cooking.


1: Kiwi
2: Kale end of article

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New IFANCA Halal Certified Companies
Companies and LocationDescription of Halal Certified ProductsMarket SegmentMarket Region
Cyanotech, USA Spirulina Industry S. E. Asia and Saudi Arabia
Dietrich's Milk Products, USA Dry Whole Milk Industry Worldwide
Dynamic Health Laboratories, USA Tropical Fruit Juices Retail Worldwide
H.J. Heinz - Portion Pac Division, USA Sauces Food Service Malaysia
Jiangxi Tianxin Pharmaceutical Co., CHINA Vitamins Industry USA
Kruger Foods, USA Sliced Dill Pickles Food Service Worldwide
Luxor, MALAYSIA Spirulina Retail Worldwide
NMK Foods, CANADA Beef And Chicken Kababs And Burgers Retail Canada
Shayang Tianyi Medicine Industry Co., CHINA Taurine Industry USA and S.E. Asia
Tianjin Zhongwei Pharmaceutical Co., CHINA Vitamins Industry USA
Wacker Chemical Corp., USA Synthetic Food Additives Industry Worldwide
Zhejiang H&P Foods, CHINA Tuna Products Industry Worldwide
end of article

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